What is PEMF Therapy?



Pulsed Electro-Magnetic Field Therapy
“Massage for Cell Membranes"
The PEMF device creates a gentle pulsing electromagnetic field to enhance the body's natural healing abilities at the cellular level by stimulating the cells metabolism.
As the cell metabolism is stimulated, it recharges and is in-turn returned to optimal health.

Science behind the PEMF Machine

How the PEMF Machine works

  • The PEMF machine creates a series of safe electromagnetic fields which travel from the main unit through the loop

  • The loop is placed on the body & the electromagnetic field pulses on and off making a soft clicking sound

  • On pulses: cells are exercised

  • Off pulses:  cells are relaxed and “ recharged”

  • As the cells recharge they are returned to Optimal Health

Living Cells

  • Cells generate a natural electrical charge through the movement of ions in and out of the cell membranes.  

  • Any change to the cell such as injury, toxicity or oxygen / nutrient deficiency alter ion movement and the charge of the cell membrane changes

Mechanism of Action

  • All cells have a resting membrane potential: membranes are selectively permeable

  • When cells are damaged the membrane potential degrades which reduces the cells metabolism hindering the cells ability to readily absorb oxygen, and nutrients, along with the ability to release waste toxins. 

  • This ultimately results in the loss of energy, increase in pain, inflammation, swelling and disease.

  •  PEMF restores the membrane potential to normal

Indications for PEMF:

  • Back pain

  • Trigger Points

  • Muscle soreness/Fatigue

  • Patellar Ligament desmitis

  • Carpal pain

  • Capped Hock and elbows

  • Osteoarthritis and Synovitis (Stifle, Fetlock, Pasterns, Coffin joint, Poll)

  • Bucked shins

  • Bruised soles and abscesses

  • White line disease

  • Tendonitis

  • Suspensory desmitis

  • Sesamoiditis

  • Navicular syndrome and navicular bursitis

  • Nuchal Ligament calcification

  • Regular Maintenance and cell conditioning

How does PEMF Help Animals?

“The secret to improved performance, range of motion, speed and strength”

  • Creates a response as if you are fine-tuning the whole body

  • Increased blood oxygen in the lymphatic systems which reduced pain, inflammation and promotes healing

  • Deep penetration into the cell membrane provides a relieving stimulation which is gentle enough for areas which are typically sensitive to manual massage

  • Improves Muscle energy allowing the muscles to work harder & longer while recovering faster after a workout

  • Assists to dilate arteries and capillaries which increases circulation

Why Choose PEMF?

  • PEMF Treatments are non-invasive

  • No sedation is needed

  • No drugs

  • No negative side effects

  • Results are usually noticeable after the first treatment

  • PEMF can actually show where your horse is sore, while simultaneously providing relief.

  • Electromagnetic fields affect only the cells that have a low level of charge, the damaged cells are the only ones that show pulsing or twitching.